100 Ravens

We hear it over and over again.  “Your colors are incredible.”  If A Hundred Ravens has a single goal, that is it.  Lush, vivid, saturated colors.  Sophisticated colors.  Rich colors.  Our skeins draw the gaze, make people gasp.  Our colorway names make people grin secret, “I know what that’s from” grins, make people revisit their favorite myths, books and shows.  We have acquired a growing mob of enthusiastic devotees and industry accolades.
A Hundred Ravens is an independent, hand-dyed yarn company based in Brookline, NH. We’ve been in business since 2010, and are family owned and operated. We’re known for user-friendly superwash yarn in a variety of bases ranging from our workhorse sock yarn to our luxurious silk/BFL blends. All our yarn is manufactured in the USA, and then hand dyed by owner and lead dyer, Kate Bachus. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality, great customer service and making our best contribution to the fiber community — globally and locally.
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Llyr Fingering

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