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Lux Adorna Knits

Cashmere is our passion

The making of every cashmere product we sell starts with a goat. Our fiber comes from a wide eyed, jumping, community loving, horn sporting, mountain climbing goat raised in Inner Mongolia. Every winter, in order to stay warm, these goats grow a downy fiber under their course heavy outer coat. This downy under fiber is lightweight, soft, lofty and warm. Come spring, when this under fiber is no longer needed, it is shed. This shed fiber is our cashmere. Thank you little goats!

We work with suppliers that source only the best cashmere fiber raised in the mountainous regions of Inner Mongolia. Goats thrive in these mountains. And as a result of their region, they produce some of the world's finest cashmere fiber available. We bring that to you!

Here’s how we do it. Our suppliers in China get cashmere fiber from herders in Mongolia. They then process the fiber. Working closely with our suppliers, we choose a color pallette for the fiber to be dyed then it is milled into fine yarn. This fine cashmere yarn is then shipped to our studio in Boise Idaho where our hands and equipment take it though several steps to get to the final product.

In our studio we have 2 large pieces of milling equipment, an Italian plying machine we call Money Penny and a Canadian plying machine we call DDB. We load the fine cashmere yarn onto these plying machines and they twist it into heavier yarn. These cones of heavier yarns go through a new series of additional equipment to become hanks of yarn in varying sizes and lengths. Every hank gets washed in organic soap to clean it and to set the twist. Then every hank gets soaked again to loft the yarn and set the color. Once dry, our hands fluff, tie, twist, skein, braid, cake, wind and tag every piece of product we sell. 

Our hands on approach and ability to control and create the products we love sets us apart. We believe everyone is worthy of luxury and we are honored you chose to buy our product. Our hard work and dedication to bring you the best yarn we can is because we honor you, the makers and we believe you are worth it!

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Sport Cashmere
Itty Bitty Sport Cashmere
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