Queen City Yarns Dilworth DK

Dilworth DK is 100% Superwash Merino, 100 grams, approx. 274 Yards

Dilworth is named after the Queen City’s first street car neighborhood, established in the 1890’s. Today it’s known for its beautiful bungalows, walkable streets and fabulous restaurants. Dilworth is also home to one of the largest parks in the Queen City.

This yarn soft and sproingy with great stitch definition. It is well-suited for accessory or sweater knitting. Your stitches will be crisp and textures or cables will pop.

The colors we apply are inspired by the beautiful things we see around us, breathtaking places we have visited, as well as Christen’s two young children. While each color we produce can stand on its own, we pay special attention to creating a series of complementary colors. We strive to make it easy to pick one or more great colors for your next project.
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Tonal Dilworth DK
Handpaint Dilworth DK

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