Debbie Dyson

Debbie began crafting at a very young age. She learned sewing from her grandmother and quilting and embroidery from her mother, and taught herself crochet from a book as soon as she was old enough to read. However, all those fell to the wayside about 15 years ago, when she discovered that two sticks and some string could make beautiful fabric. She became interested in how yarn is made and explored spinning, weaving, wet felting and needle felting, but she continues to come back to knitting as her primary love. Debbie began teaching friends to knit in her living room almost immediately, and has taught numerous children to knit at the Austin Waldorf School (where she was Handwork Assistant) and to knitting groups at St. Andrew's Episcopal High School and various Central Texas home school groups. She is definitely a process rather than a product knitter, and knits solely for the love of doing it. Lately she has concentrated on knitting socks, shawls, hats and other lightweight items. She continuously threatens to move to a cooler climate, where she could actually wear a hand-knit wool sweater. Debbie teaches knitting at the shop on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings.

Carrie Au

Carrie has been knitting since she was six or seven when her grandmother taught her one rainy summer in Vermont. Crochet came along soon after that when someone gave her “The Reader’s Digest Encyclopedia of Needlework.” She loved to get inspired by a stitch pattern and see where it would take her. Always a seamstress she fell into the custom drapery and bedding industry when she and her husband moved to Texas in 1982. Seven years of working in an interior design workroom, she and a friend started their own business in 1990. From then to now it has been an interesting time of turning Designers’ ideas into a finished product on the clients’ walls or beds. She always kept up with her handwork be it crewel, counted cross stitch, crochet, tunisian, or knitting as a hobby. Carrie knits lace shawls, crochet afghans, and amigurumi critters as part of the Manchaca United Methodist Craft Group. Carrie has taught many people to craft over the years, but last year started officially teaching at The Knitting Nest. With its closure she has been looking for a new home to teach from; The Sated Sheep will be an exciting place to start. Let’s make some string pretty!

Ravelry name: ctawq You can find Carrie at the shop all day on Wednesdays and Saturdays, or email her at:

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