Corona Virus Update

We are OPEN and all staff are fully vaccinated. If you are two weeks past your last vaccination we are happy for you to come in without a mask.
If you choose not to be vaccinated, we ask that you wear a mask.
If, for any reason, you are uncomfortable with our staff not wearing masks, please just say so and we will be happy to put one on.

We will be in the Brick and Mortar Shop on :

Tuesday 11-5, Wednesday 11-8, Thursday 11-5, Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-4, and Sunday from 11-4 .

We welcome social knitting all the time, and have regular folks who come in on Wednesdays and Fridays!

We are back to teaching classes and offering Summer Camp in July and August, please check our Schedule page!

We love you!

The Sated Sheep

Gifts & Accessories

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  • hushpuppy1 dd2cc100 480d 4cc9 8293 05f7888ef5ca 740x

    Medium Dumpling Bag

    • Clear
  • 0720842cdfb653d611ec079917336e82d3e7883e.png

    12 Days of Madelintosh

  • 987527f6c7879f2a41fce32fd37e468018884097.jpg

    Czech Pewter Buttons

    • Clear
  • 2 Inch Sheep Ruler-Notions-NNK Press-The Sated Sheep

    2 Inch Sheep Ruler

  • cowgirl caddy

    Atenti Caddy

    • Clear
  • Minimal Stitch Markers-Notions-Camellia Fiber Company-Rose Gold-The Sated Sheep

    Minimal Stitch Markers

    • Clear
  • Sock Ruler Standard

  • Best Little Yarn Crawl That Wasn't Pins 2020-Notions-studio-The Sated Sheep

    Best Little Yarn Crawl That Wasn’t Pins 2020

  • 557b6d46377dad5eca9103280bfd72fd248bd698.jpeg

    3oz Soak Celebration

  • e3624ffc88c9aee0f932a7fb75aa5f1b540308a1.jpeg

    3oz Soak Fig

  • cd8c7d87bea0493976630ab108f621f509b9e890 1.jpeg

    3oz Soak Lacey

  • 80e5e7ad0f3930c82fd24b19186d3b517bd98029.jpg

    Filigree Cuff and Shawl Pin

    • Clear
  • a2ae90fb484990f120c6ac3ef54523112a2600bc.jpeg

    3oz Soak Yuzu

  • 54e5dd3a6a8038a21a18a7c62d8baf8b440788b0.jpg

    Hummingbird Shawl Stick

  • Accessory Roll-Notions-CocoKnits-The Sated Sheep

    Accessory Roll

  • Knit One Hop Two Pins

    • Clear
  • 036243bf5fba7e6ac6bf1218bbd43eb22c662eef.jpg

    Akerworks Gauge Swatch

  • Akerworks Knitting Tool Kit-Notions-Akerworks-The Sated Sheep

    Akerworks Knitting Tool Kit

  • Binkwaffle Pin-Notions-Binkwaffle-Knit All the Things-The Sated Sheep

    Binkwaffle Pin

  • Natural Mesh Bags