Corona Virus Update

We are open and all staff are fully vaccinated, however, with Mr. Delta in wide circulation, we have resumed wearing masks and request that you do the same, regardless of vaccination status.​

We continue to offer curbside pickup and have reduced our free shipping for online purchases to $75 nationally.

We will be in the Brick and Mortar Shop on :

Tuesday 11-5, Wednesday 11-8, Thursday 11-5, Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-4, and Sunday from 11-4 .

We are back to teaching classes, please check our Schedule page!

We love you!

The Sated Sheep

The Sated Sheep

Gifts & Accessories

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  • Accessory Roll-Notions-CocoKnits-The Sated Sheep

    Accessory Roll

  • Knit One Hop Two Pins

  • 036243bf5fba7e6ac6bf1218bbd43eb22c662eef.jpg

    Akerworks Gauge Swatch

  • Akerworks Knitting Tool Kit-Notions-Akerworks-The Sated Sheep

    Akerworks Knitting Tool Kit

  • Natural Mesh Bags

  • medium bixrcgylqt2a45ehwrnn 20170619 canvas needle cases 2

    Canvas IC Needle Case

  • Classic Off Center Shawl Pin-Notions-Jul-The Sated Sheep

    Classic Off Center Shawl Pin

  • Plystre Project Pouch-Bags-Mother Knitter-The Sated Sheep

    Plystre Project Pouch

  • Claw clips

  • Cloisonne Locking Stitch Markers-Notions-Pretty Warm Designs-The Sated Sheep

    Cloisonne Locking Stitch Markers

  • CocoKnits Row Counter-Notions-CocoKnits-The Sated Sheep

    CocoKnits Row Counter

  • CocoKnits Tapemeasure-Notions-CocoKnits-The Sated Sheep

    CocoKnits Tapemeasure

  • Cocoknits Tapestry Needles

  • Colored closed stitch markers Small-Notions-CocoKnits-The Sated Sheep

    Colored closed stitch markers Small

  • Colored opening stitch markers-Notions-CocoKnits-The Sated Sheep

    Colored opening stitch markers

  • Colored Stitch Markers Large-Notions-CocoKnits-The Sated Sheep

    Colored Stitch Markers Large

  • Colorful Stitch Stopper

  • Concrete Bird Wall Hooks-Notions-Ameico-Large-Grey-The Sated Sheep

    Concrete Bird Wall Hooks

  • Cord Completion Set-Notions-CocoKnits-The Sated Sheep

    Cord Completion Set

  • Corona Time ShelliCan Pins