Crafter's Tote

Crafter's Tote


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Grey Oilskin
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The Crafter's Tote is a bag designed specifically with knitters and crocheters in mind. This 2-piece set includes an inner bag for projects- perfect for a medium to large project, it measures 16.5" tall x16" wide, and is made from Kokka Canvas with a leather cord drawstring. The outer tote bag measures 16" wide x 13" high x 6" deep- enough space to carry any of your daily essentials!  Made with Merchant & Mills Oilskin and lined with Kokka Canvas, it'll easily take on the elements, and is lightweight, so the bag itself won't be weighing you down.

The exterior compartments are on both sides of the tote, and the interior has 2 large pockets for separating your tools or balls of yarn, and a small interior pocket for your wallet. 

Like the Dream Tool Bag, these Crafter's Totes are made by a group of artisans under the name Mamanote ("made by mothers"), who are working in El Salvador to support their families.


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