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Holiday Collection stitch markers
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Holiday Collection stitch markers

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    The holidays bring thoughts of gathering with those dear to us, of the warmth of good company (and hot chocolate) and the joy of handmade gifting. The winter days may be chilly, but they sparkle with a special light, a gold and silver sparkle we’ve reflected in our Holiday Collection. Deck out your holiday knits with our limited edition Stitch Marker Set, featuring three sweater-shaped stitch markers in glittery acrylics and three showing a ball of yarn, one etched in wood and one each in festive silver and warm rose gold acrylic. These keepsakes of the season also make fantastic gifts for the crafting folks in your life.
    Material: Birch and Acrylic with stainless steel rings or metal removable pins

    Approximate Size: 1/2” x 3/4” x 1/8”