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Leather Necessaire Pouch
Leather Necessaire Pouch
Leather Necessaire Pouch
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Leather Necessaire Pouch

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     Simple and elegant, this project bag is the perfect home for your 'work in progress' knitting projects. Handcrafted from the same velvety soft leather as our Notions Clutch and other leather accessories, its simple design allows the subtle marbling and beautiful colours to take center stage.

    Its wide flat base and unique zipper shape lends itself to open wide, allowing the bag to comfortably hold a medium-sized 4-5 skein project, such as a scarf or light cardigan. Inside, it's a simple single large pouch, unlined, the back-side of the soft leather a richer tone of the exterior colour.

    Each bag comes with a matching mini leather tassel and detachable wrist strap for easy carrying.

    We specifically selected this type of leather for its sought-after aging qualities, like the characteristic caramelization of the colour, a unique patina giving it a sense of history and character.