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Rigid Heddle Weaving

Learn to weave on a rigid heddle loom with Jessica! Come for the first class then return two weeks later to finish up and start your next project!


$80.00 per person




A two part class divided by one week

About this experience

This is a perfect class for  fiber fanatics! The rigid heddle loom we use is very portable and extremely easy to set up.  This is an introductory class focused on getting familiar with the loom and how to
use it.

We will cover the basics of direct warping, changing sheds, beating picks (pushing yarn into place), and finishing the woven piece.
No sewing is required, though hemming/stitch finishing will be offered for learning.

More advanced students are welcome to attend for help on particular projects.

You can use all kinds of knitting yarn; from scraps and random single skeins to all that sock yarn you haven't used yet. Weaving will help you burn through your stash in no time. Learning to Weave cloth is a magical thing (plus its incredibly FAST!!!!)

This is a two part class in which you'll get started the first day and return one week later to get tips and tricks on taking your piece off the loom, fringe or finishing and help warping your next project.

Materials: About 200-400 yds of a worsted weight yarn will be needed for your in-class project and a rigid heddle loom or knitters loom.  We sell looms from Ashford and have two that we can rent out for $25/week if you'd like to rent one before you committ!