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    Kate Davies' latest collection is now available in her beautiful new book, Sark. The new book features a collection of beautiful designs with twisted stitches to produce interest and texture in your knitting. We love all of Kate's books for their beautiful photography and patterns and this one is sure to be a great addition to the KDD library! Sark brings us 12 patterns including 6 garments and 6 accessories designed for DK / Sport weight yarn along with a special interview with Norah Gaughan, author of the Twisted Stitch Sourcebook.

    112 pages
    Published September 2022
    Designed and printed in Scotland

    In Scots, a sark is an essential layer, the foundation of any outfit. In her new collection, Kate Davies has created twelve foundational designs with structure and simplicity at their heart. Featuring a technique of twisting stitches that produces fabric with a beautifully textured and embossed appearance, each pattern explores the creative potential of the twisted stitch in pieces that are engaging to knit and easy to wear.

    There’s a comfortable oversized gansey, a smart cardigan with panels and puffed sleeves, a pair of yoke sweaters, a cozy wrap, and an appealing range of quick-to-knit one-skein accessories, all designed with the clear instructions and clean finishing details that are hallmarks of Kate’s work. The book also includes a collection of thought-provoking monochrome images, as Tom explores ideas of pattern and structure in the natural world and built environment. A celebration of collaborative, creative making, Sark is a book as beautiful as it is useful.