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Sterling Silver Curious Kitten Post Earrings 8x9mm
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Sterling Silver Curious Kitten Post Earrings 8x9mm

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    Celebrate the natural curiosity of your kitty cat with these sterling silver curious kitten post earrings. They say "curiosity killed the cat" when in reality It's probably what keeps them alive. Curiosity in cats comes from their predatory & survival instincts. She must hunt to eat. And, she must remain alert to stay ahead of danger. You know that eerie feeling you get? The one that says - geez, is she always watching me? Well, the answer is yes, yes she is. Always . . . watching. Luckily, your kitty has you and you have her to keep each other safe! But that won't stop their curious nature. So pounce on your toys and play away! Stay curious, my friends.