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Weekender Basket
Weekender Basket
Weekender Basket
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Weekender Basket

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    Meet the Weekender Basket, the newest addition to our cotton knitting storage basket collection. This compact hazelnut shaped basket is perfect to house your weekend project. Taller and more rounded than our Nook Baskets, it's ideal for storing a 4-5 skein project, on stylish display in your home or to bring on your weekend getaway.

    Made from all natural woven cotton rope, they feature stylish accents made from the same quality leather as our Notions Clutch and other leather knitting accessories. These baskets are perfect for housing a 4-5 skein project.

    Diameter:  8.5" base and 10" with the lid

    Height:  7.5" base and 8.5" with the lid