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Sated (ˈseɪtɪd) Sheep:

The Sated Sheep - Yarn & Tools For Sale

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Fully Satisfied
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To provide (someone) with more than enough

The Sated Sheep is a small local yarn shop outside Austin, Texas, which endeavors to provide you with more than enough ethically and eco- sensitively sourced fibers. To see who we're currently partnering with and learn a bit of their stories, head on over the Herd page!

We serve beer, wine, coffee and Steven Smith Teas. We also carry a variety of gifts, books and magazines, in addition to a wide selection of natural fiber yarns.

Come sit and stay with us awhile!

Our Latest Products

Ramie Silk Wool Fingering


Silky Yak


Sandnes Garn Tynn Line


Sandnes Garn Line


Lamana Cosma




Corinne Lapierre Limited - Linen Lavender Bags Embroidery Kit - Spring Garden


DK Pure

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