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The Sated Sheep

The Sated Sheep
Come sit and stay with us a while!

Allison and her husband Ray are both Clinical Psychologists. Ray doesn’t knit but he finds it fascinating that Allison does. She learned to knit while her son attended the Waldorf School 26 years ago. He didn’t learn to knit, but with much trial and error, she did. She calls herself an imprecise knitter and loves every second of it! You can find them at the shop in Dripping Springs, where she has lived for 29 years.

Meet the Business Owner

Psychologist turned fiber junkie, Allison decided to share her love for all things creative with her community!


As a yarn store in Texas, We are a gathering place for crafty types and their friends. We have a range of high quality fibers and the tools you need for your next great project. We also have beer, wine, coffee and tea to sustain you or your less crafty companions while you hang out and browse our luscious yarns! We have social knitting/crochet all the time! Subscribe to our website for the latest news and class information!


Established in 2015.

Opened in September 2015