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2023 Smalliday Set
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2023 Smalliday Set

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    Smalliday Sets” are Emma’s version of advent sets. She calls them “Smallidays” because the idea is you open one “Small” a day for the first 25 days of December!

    2023 Smalliday Set 
    Each of our 2023 Smalliday Sets include:
    25 unique, individually packaged and numbered “Smalls”.
    Love + Leche “Sweet Sheep” Lotion Bar in a custom, wintery scent
    “Emma’s Yarn” logo sticker (NEW addition this year)!
    “Emma’s Yarn” pin indicating Sock or DK set (NEW addition this year)!
    Insert with fiber content and suggested patterns for both knit and crochet
    … all wrapped up inside an “Emma’s Yarn” logo cotton project bag (ethically sourced from Work + Shelter)