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2024 Smalliday Set
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2024 Smalliday Set

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    “Smalliday Sets” are our version of advent sets. We call them “Smallidays” because the idea is you open one “Small” a day during the holidays! Each mini skein is individually wrapped and meant to be kept secret until the first color is opened December 1, and another each day after for 24 days.

    2024 Smalliday Sets are available in our Practically Perfect Sock or Simply Spectacular DK base. Each kit includes:

    24 individually enveloped and numbered “Smalls” in either base. All 24 colors are new and were developed for this set!

    an Emma’s Yarn sticker

    a Love + Leche “Sweet Sheep” Lotion Bar in a NEW custom wintery scent

    a super cute Birdie Parker stitch marker

    scannable QR code insert with knit and crochet pattern suggestions that will work perfectly for the colors we’ve developed

    everything packaged in a HAND-DYED “Emma’s Yarn” cotton Work+Shelter project bag.

    While we can’t tell you what the colorways look like (although you know we are DYEING to), if you are looking for a coordinating color, “After Dark” and “Grayscale” are both safe bets this year! This year the colors are very different than years past, so there should be no concern over getting the same sort of colors again.