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Hook & Needle Notebook
Hook & Needle Notebook
Hook & Needle Notebook
Hook & Needle Notebook
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Hook & Needle Notebook

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    Meet the Della Q Hook & Needle Notebook, designed to simplify the knitting and crochet experience. It's an all-in-one organizer that accommodates hooks, needles, notions, patterns, and more.

    Each binder comes standard with 4 included pages plus a la carte options coming soon. In the front cover, you'll find two darning needles, a tape measure, scissors, a crochet hook, and a convenient zippered pocket, all thoughtfully color-coordinated with Della Q's Everyday Collection. Each Hook & Needle Notebook comes with 1 page each:


    for double points or crochet hooks
    for hooks or interchangeable tips
    for circular needles or accessories
    a built-in, mesh zippered pouch
    DIMENSIONS | 10.5"w x 9"h x 2.5"d