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Koshitsu Wood Cable Stitch Holder Set
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Koshitsu Wood Cable Stitch Holder Set

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    Set of 3 smooth cable stitch holders handmade from high-quality bamboo. The surface is carefully polished with natural plant wax after going through KA's unique high temperature and pressure treatment. This special treatment gives the bamboo extra durability and helps prevent damage from outside environmental influences.

    Set Contains 3 Cable Holders
    Small (Fingering - DK weight yarn) Length: 4" / 10.5cm
    Medium (DK - Aran weight yarn) Length: 4½" / 11.3cm
    Large (Aran - Super Bulky weight yarn) Length: 4¾" / 12.3cm
    Material: Bamboo
    Handmade in Japan by Kinki Amibari