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On the Go
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On the Go

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    Always be prepared for an impromptu knitting or crochet session with our On the Go notions fold. The little wallet is handmade from the same genuine leather as the Thread and Maple Notions Clutch. It is fully stocked with 3 essential notions:
    - Mini Scissors
    - 2 x tapestry needles (John James size 13 and 14)
    - 15 steel ring stitch markers
    It has a magnetic snap closure, contains an outside zip and an inner pocket, and is about the size of a credit card.
    Product Measurements:
    Flat: L 9cm x W 14cm x D 1cm
    Folded: L 9cm x W 7cm x D 2cm
    Tool Fit:
    Max scissors length: 7cm | Tapestry needles length: 6-8cm | Stitch markers: 15-25