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Knit Collage

Knit Collage began when I (Hi, I'm Amy!) fell in love with hand spinning long ago. From that time on, creating a business that meshed with this creative passion became an obsession.  The company began when on the advice of a yarn store owner, I decided to take my first yarn collection to an industry tradeshow. A few shops bought them and boom, I had a business!

 At the heart of my business and the podcast, is this idea that it's important to lean into all the things that make us weird or set us apart, all of those interests that others might not get. I believe these are our secret weapons, they make us unique and that they become our super powers. I hope to set an example of what's possible through my own work by creating a thriving business built on far out yarn and pattern designs. If this peaks your interest, definitely check out my podcast.

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Pixie Dust
Gypsy Garden
Daisy Chain
Cast Away

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