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Since 2007, Biscotte
Yarns has specialized in hand-dyed yarns, specially self-striping yarns
(also known as Autorayante™) which produce a stripe effect in an
automatic and completely unique way!

In addition to creating exclusive hand-dyed yarns, Biscotte Yarns
collaborates with designers around the world to offer a variety of
original knitting patterns and unique crochet designs!
You will probably be surprised to discover that our yarn and knitwear shop is called "Biscotte"! It is certainly not because we sell Biscottes. :-)

The history of Biscotte Yarns actually started with a blog called "Biscotte & Cie" in honour of a small all-gray oriental kitten that we had at home. Originally, we were far from suspecting that this blog would one day turn into a knitting and hand-dyed yarn shop!

We started dyeing the yarns by pure pleasure and we shared the photos of our knittings on this blog. From thread to needle (the wordplay is too tempting indeed!!) we started to arouse the interest of knitsters who had asked us how to obtain our yarns...


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