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Hummingbird Shawl Stick
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Hummingbird Shawl Stick

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    Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia

    White Brass

    Stick length only - 4 inches long

    Total length including ornament - 5 inches long

    Width of Hummingbird - 2 inches

    Weight - .6 ounces

    The Filigree Hummingbird, like the Filigree Dragonfly, has a stick that extends up to the top of the ornament, creating a space behind the body of the bird that accommodates the knitwear, making this stick particularly secure and balanced in how it sits on top of your knitted garments and accessories. The weight balance created by this unique design means the Filigree Hummingbird remains feasible even for very light-weight knits. Weighing only slightly more than half an ounce, the Filigree Hummingbird, indeed, is as delicate as a Hummingbird.